OCT Santé spécialiste logistique, conformité et transport de produits de santé : essais cliniques, produits pharmaceutiques, analyses biologiques, matières infectieuses, dangereuses, produits sensibles, dispositifs médicaux, sécurité, traçabilité, national, international

OCT Santé spécialiste logistique, transport national et international de produits de santé
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oncept LOGΣTIC

Fields of expertise
Pharmaceutique Biologique Médical & Hospitalier Environnemental Vétérinaire

Our commitments

Charte de qualité
Matières infectieuses

Through its concept LOGΣTIC, OCT Santé proposes a turnkey solution which allows to show, to enhance reliability and to manage the logistic organization dedicated to products and samples that must be forwarded in a checked environment.

The concept LOGΣTIC leans on the control of organizations bound to the transport of products of biological, pharmaceutical or environmental origin.
The fields of expertise of its creator in regulations bound to transport as well as constant research for new isothermal packagings, for operating and effective services are a guarantee of safety and success.

The sourcing in the supply of the sources of cold, the supply of kits of takings and the enlightened management for the tracking of shippments through our Internet portal, allow to offer our customers and at any time a customized service.
Thanks to his specific fields of intervention, OCT Santé was equipped with a charter of commitments based on human values and recognized ethical principles.

Finally, OCT Santé provides the 'in-service' and specific training to its co-workers, in adequacy with the legislative evolutions of the transport and the recommendations of the sanitary safety.

restations LOGΣTIC

Advice with the customers and the service providers on the regulations of the transport of infectious materials and pharmaceutical products.

Traceability of the shippment and the temperature.

Coordination of the differents speakers (principals, senders, consignees).

Storage of the takings or authorized products.

Adequate conditioning.
Sources of cold (eutectic plates, dry ice, nitrogen liquid).

Invoicing adapted to needs (study, research department, laboratory).

Put in correspondence the shippment compared to regulations in force (ADR, IATA, BDP, GBEA, HACCP).

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