OCT Santé spécialiste logistique, conformité et transport de produits de santé : essais cliniques, produits pharmaceutiques, analyses biologiques, matières infectieuses, dangereuses, produits sensibles, dispositifs médicaux, sécurité, traçabilité, national, international

OCT Santé spécialiste logistique, transport national et international de produits de santé
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Fields of expertise
Pharmaceutique Biologique Médical & Hospitalier Environnemental Vétérinaire

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Charte de qualité
Matières infectieuses

ational and international transport of biological samples and therapeutic treatments

To propose the best logistic solution OCT Santé analyzes the demands of services in the following way:

Localization of the inquiring centres
Destination (s) where products can be forwarded
The modes of possible routings
The practicable delays
The nature of transported products
The quantity of products
The conditions of temperature
The constraints bound to regulations in force (IATA, ADR)

Through its concept LOGΣTIC, OCT Santé proposes the following tools and ressources:

Approved packagings
Isothermal Packagings
Sources of cold, eutectics gels, dry ice, nitrogen liquid.

In order to provide its customers a bigger autonomy and a complete traceability OCT Santéproposes through its site to enter the commercial demand until the proof of delivery.


OCT Santé proposes solutions of storage of samples, in short, medium and long terms, under the following temperatures:

+ 4°C
- 20°C
- 80°C
- 196°C

All the installations are under the control of a system of temperature recording with in case of problem one delays of intervention 7/7 days 24h / 24h.

ustom design of kit of taking

OCT Santé is able to assemble kits of takings according to the specifications of its customers. The totality of preparation of kits is subjected to procedures including 4 control points what insures the exactness of the conception of these kits. OCT Santé can also take care of the routing of these kits on the inquiring centres.

ustom design of isothermal packagings

Through its production unit OCT Santé makes isothermal packagings. The possible useful volumes goes to 10L to 500L.These packagings are conceived in foam of polyurethan made with several thicknesses, this material has one of the most successful thermal coefficients (< 0,022 W / (m. K)). OCT Santé elaborates with its customers specifications containing the thermal requirements which allows to qualify the packaging upstream to the transport.

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