OCT Santé spécialiste logistique, conformité et transport de produits de santé : essais cliniques, produits pharmaceutiques, analyses biologiques, matières infectieuses, dangereuses, produits sensibles, dispositifs médicaux, sécurité, traçabilité, national, international

OCT Santé spécialiste logistique, transport national et international de produits de santé
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Fields of expertise
Pharmaceutique Biologique Médical & Hospitalier Environnemental Vétérinaire

Our commitments

Charte de qualité
Matières infectieuses

Charter of commitments
Intelligence in transport serving health needs.

Important step for logistic, the routing of products stemming from medical and pharmaceutical researches requires a very high level of quality and safety. In this is added a total respect for the commitments by all the actors concerned by the care of these products.

The offer OCT Santé proposes in answer to the expectations of the healthcare professionals is based on a real expertise, a know-how and a voluntary strategy to be excusively attached in the domain of health and well-being. The involvement and the commitment dedicated to our customers pass by the respect for the men, the procedures and the products which are confided to us. OCT Santé sets up solutions containing creative, profitable, economic, universal specific characteristics so that the customer has the best logistic solutions at the best price.

Our ambition: become your partner and to remain it.


Ethical and human commitment

OCT Santé undertakes to respect its commercial commitments and always looks for the best possible collaboration with its customers. What implies not to sell nor to propose services or solutions which would not have any interest for its customers, to be aware of the precious value of what we transport and to provide the staff with all the means to realize their missions. It also means to propose an adequate offer for every customer to guarantee him quality of advice and his complete independence in the biggest confidentiality.

  Respect for the regulations

OCT Santé undertakes to respect and to apply daily the recommendations and the statutory texts (ADR IATA, BPD, GBEA) relative to products transported by the air and road traffics. What implies for our co-workers a legislative training in the field of skills which falls to them. It also means to propose to its customers enlightened advice in specific regulations bound to the packaging and the routing of their products.
  Reliable packaging

OCT Santé undertakest to design packages adapted to the specific needs of its customers. What implies a dynamic of research for successful packagings the characteristics of which answer regulations in force (P 620 and P 650) and protect the cold chain. It also proposes to itscustomers all kind of packaging from whom the main mission is to protect the integrity of the transported products.

Secure routing

OCT Santé undertakes to make the routing of products according to reliable procedures and the required safety standards. What implies the research for efficient solutions taking into account the regulations, the packagings and the steered temperature. It also means to propose to its customers the guarantee of watchful road and air services in the safety of the products of health.
  Tracking of products

OCT Santé undertakes to produce the tracking and the real-time recording of the events relative to any product transported thanks to a reliable and secure information system. What implies a permanent transparency and the research for innovative methods allowing the constant improvement of the services of tracking. It also means to provide its customers the autonomy allowing them to follow their shippements at any time.

This charter is not exhaustive and OCT Santé will try hard to develop it and to make it always more complete in interest of its customers to maintain strong business relationship, based on a mutual confidence.

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